15 Oktober 2010

A mobile love story.

The guys over at the German LG Blog are giving away one of the company’s Optimus smartphones. All we have to do, is answer a small questionnaire and link back to the blog.

Here goes:

  • How important is the design of a mobile phone with your purchase decision? 

With the technical specs reaching an equilibrium throughout all the manufacturers, the design of a mobile phone becomes more and more important, but if those specs are not up to par, no award winning design would enthrall me into buying it.

  • Which feature, in your opinion, should not be missing in a mobile phone?

The use of fast data transfer standards (3G and up), that lets you use the expensive data plans, we’re paying for. GPRS is a thing of the past. Furthermore, I’m still a fan of hardware keyboards.

  • Before buying a new mobile phone, do you look up information in forums, blogs and test reports?

Absolutely. I’m not buying a pig in a poke.

  • Do you write SMS or email with you mobile phone?

Yes, I do.

  • Are you interested in Apps and/or games?

Of course, the ability to easily get those small third party applications onto my mobile phone has become most important.

  • Do you have flat rate plans for voice calls, messaging or data?

I have a weird combined plan, which is a flat rate for data, voice calls within the carriers’ network and a certain amount of free short messages.

  • Do you surf the internet with your mobile phone?


  • Do you use social networking services like Facebook and Twitter on the go?

Sure. They’re a major reason for me, to own a smartphone.

  • Would you be able to survive a month without your mobile phone?

For better or worse, my whole life is concentrated within my mobile phone, so it would definitely be hard, but not impossible. As long as I still have my other ways for communication. ;D

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