11 Mai 2007

New PC & injury.

Two days ago, as I was working on the chassis for my new computer components (breaking out a front cover to make room for a drive) I jolted my left indexfinger onto one of the drive tracks and the four times stiched result can be seen here (image is not for the faint hearted). While my skin is recovering the new machine is set up and running - try working within a chassis with 1.5 hands, it's frustrating.

Note: Always use a screwdriver to remove front panel, not bare hands.

08 Mai 2007

I'm blue.

Your Inner Color is Blue

Your Personality: Your natural warmth and intuition nurtures those around you. You are accepting and always follow your heart.

You in Love: Relationships are your top priority, and this includes love. You are most happy when you are serious with someone.

Your Career: You need to help others in your job to feel satistifed. You would be a great nurse, psychologist, or counselor.