21 Februar 2007

Soundtrack of my life.

How does this work? Set your iTunes or other player software to shuffle and just write down the songs it spills out in the order as seen below.


Ein Gruß (A Greeting) - Juli
..seems to fit quite well. The song is 14:59min with a large gap in the middle, I seem to think a lot before..

Waking Up:
The Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance
..hm, I've got a sharp life? Shuffle seems to think so. I'd be waking up from this, that's for sure..

First Day at School:
Mobile - Avril Lavigne
.."turning the back on everything"? - no, but "everything changes" was real..

Falling in Love:
The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson
..O M G (I swear I didn't chose this, shuffle did) this kinda gave me shivers..

First Time:
Benny And The Jets - Elton John
..group sex? I must've missed something (or passed out somewhere along the line) and I never knew a girl named Benny (even if I was into girls)..

Fighting Song:
Mucho Mambo (Sway) - Shaft vs. Mellow Trax
..let's DANCE it out! When the Marimba rhythm starts to play.. I'll MAKE you sway!..

Breaking Up:
Morning - Dido
..waking up alone after breaking up, I guess and she's singing "I'm no angel", so it's been probably my fault..

Prom Night:
Seine Strassen (His Streets) - Xavier Naidoo
..my prom was indoors, not on some unlit street between the mountains and the sea..

And Five - The Considerate Builders Scheme
..it rhymes so what does that mean? I've got 6 lives including this one?..

Nervous Breakdown:
Was A Time - Whigfield
..oh, so this one is already behind me? nice..

The Dream Within - Lara Fabian
..WTF? I'm not planning on falling into a second's sleep while driving..

You've Got A Friend - Divas (Celine, Gloria, Shania, Carole)
..what a nice flashback, that's really cool remembering a special someone..

Getting Back Together:
Vom Wesen der Liebe (Of Love's Nature) - Rosenstolz
..wow, love can't think, I hope I can..

Wedding (maybe, but wtf?):
Somebody To Love - Nelly Furtado
..fits, doesn't it? iTunes has spoken..

Birth of First Child (we'll see about that..):
A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
..seems to be a long (and hard) way for me to become a parent..

Ending Fight:
Sex Crime - Eurythmics
.. *lol* ..

Death Scene:
Everytime - Britney Spears
..there have been death scenes before this one?..

Beautiful World - Enya
..It'd be a nice enough song for a funeral, stripped of everything earthbound, only the beauty of the world remains?..

End Credits:
Pure Pleasure Seeker - Moloko
..well, I am or was, at that point - nothing wrong about that..

Idea stolen from here.

11 Februar 2007

What goes around, comes all the way back around.

JT and Scarlett go for it. Just watch it.