24 Januar 2008

This week in tech.

I got a new phone.. or maybe it's a new digital camera, accidentally also being a phone. It's the LG KU990 "Viewty" and it's absolutely great. For me, this one's better than the iPhone. Locations in Google Maps being the hot new thing for iPhone and iPod Touch? Guess what, the Viewty can do exactly the same by triangulating nearby cell towers. The only downside of the phone is the missing WiFi antenna, but it's got HSDPA / UMTS so actually it's fast enough browsing the web (yeah, the browser is pretty decent, too). Although it would have been nice to be able to use the QWERTY-keyboard on every occasion, notes and messages will do. When it comes to pictures and videos it beats iPhone to death. Not only are there two cameras (the one facing the user is primarily for videocalls) there's a full fledged imaging software, where you can change almost everything in a picture you could on a desktop with photoshop or on stand alone still cameras that can't take calls.

downsides: no WiFi, no multi-touch gestures

upsides: 5 megapixel camera, xenon flash, manual focus, locations in maps, videomaker, push eMail, UMTS/HSDPA, memory slot for microSD up to 2MB, it plays DivX videos(!), read PDF-, Office- and plain text documents on the go, it can send pictures directly to this blogger-blog and because I'm with Vodafone, Vf Mobile TV also gets its chance.

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18 Januar 2008

First big thing in 2008.

If YouTube-link broken, watch the teaser trailer

01 Januar 2008

Happy New Year!