29 Juli 2007


I've been to Dresden several times in he past, but had no real recollection of how the city and its old district looks. Last time I just had a short bus stop on my way to Prague. So we went and made it a tourist-one-photo-every-3-minutes-day. I had a special interest in the rebuild Frauenkirche church so we attended a beautiful 50minute organ meditation with a short recap of the church's history and architectural highlights at the end.

Before and after the meditation we circled the Old City, visiting the Brühl Terrace at the riverside of the river Elbe, the Cathedral and Royal Palace, the famous wall of the Museum of Transport with the "Procession of Princes", Semper Opera House and the Zwinger.

You can look at an assortment of photos taken by me on my flickr-site.

01 Juli 2007

Create yourself as a Simpsons character.

On the movie's official page you can create your own Simpsons-universe characters, like I did before with the South Park-generator (see on the right) or with the Miis on Nintendo's Wii.