31 Oktober 2010

The big phasedrei raffle!

Over at phasedrei they are having a big October raffle, with a ton of cool Apple-swag! I’d love me a brand new iPod Touch or AppleTV, so I’m taking the time here, to answer their little questionnaire:

1. What was the biggest problem, you ever had with your PC or Mac? Were you able to resolve it? If so, how?

If I remember correctly, the biggest mechanical problem (besides dropping my MacBook from two meters and the ensuing hard drive replacement) was the death of the cooling fan of my previous desktop PC. The system did not have any sensors, so this fan went out and I did not notice. This culminated in the overheating of the processor. Solution: buying a new one.

2. Which is your favorite program, for either PC or Mac, and why would you recommend it?

I guess this would be iPhoto of the Apple iLife suite. I love how easily it lets me organize my photos and it is perfect for the little retouching I do. I’m not a pro photographer and anything more expensive (Aperture/Lightroom) would be a waste with me. Furthermore: iLife comes free with every Mac.

3. Which functionality of your PC or Mac don’t you want to miss and why?

I have both, so for every device in that category, this is practically the same. Their ability to hook up to a network and go online is essential for me. I wouldn’t want to miss that for any reason. Searching stuff, getting news, communication. Another one is of course the ability to store and process all my digital life. Music, photos and videos.

4. Which (Apple-) product would you love to get as a gift?

For being the newest to the family, I’d really love one new MacBook Air, those are just gorgeous. As for the raffle: I really would love to get the iPod Touch (but the AppleTV is just as hot of a product).

Go over to http://www.phasedrei.de/blog/gewinnspiel-ipod-touch-shuffle-itunes-guthaben-und-vieles-mehr and get in on the raffle before midnight!

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