01 September 2006

Caffeine kills.

Go to Energy Fiend's Death by Caffeine, search for your favourite caffeinated beverage, buy the stash of cans needed and you're good to go to leave this world.

Of course, it's a relative account. In my 173.04 cans of Afri Cola is as much caffeine as would kill me, if present in my body at once.

[...]it means that it’s practically impossible to kill yourself with caffeine. Practically. Don’t actually try it. After 1 gram, you’ll be a sad panda. If you manage to even challenge the number, you’ll be a schizophrenic, crazed panda, or a passed out panda. And if you’re passed out, you might get your wallet stolen.

I found this little web-app through the extraordinary, unbelievably funny and exhausting podcast of Munich's dynamic duo: the couchpotatoes. Go, download and/or subscribe to their (almost) weekly podcast and listen to everything that's TV, music, cinema and caffeine.

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