30 August 2006

Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho!

After a feast at our local Marché-restaurant, I got the opportunity to watch the sequel to 2003s blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl yesterday. As a sequel, I naturally didn't expect anything more from it, than I had seen in the first movie, so I wasn't disappointed at all. We had a very good time, as had erveryone around us.

Like the first film, this one was extremely funny, even in its more complex fighting-sequences, which I suppose can be credited to its cast which perform absolutely great together. Maybe I am not fuly objective here, because I really long for these kind of movies. There are too few funny adventure-driven movies nowadays. The fun and exitement which brouht us the Indiana Jones Trilogy could not be reestablished in many films thereafter. The Mummy and Cutthroat Island (1995, with Geena Davis) being two great exceptions, I even liked National Treasure, whose sequel is beeing shot sometime in fall.

However, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is a worthy sequel, and being produced in one row with the third installment of the franchise, left open enough of its storyline to be concluded next year. There where some unexpected twists in the storyline, which I would never have anticipated. Such as the kiss'n'cuffs between Elizabeth and Jack and his overall more agressive and ruthless behaviour towards his supposed friends. The very end with the comeback of a character being the greatest twist, of course.

The most annoying thing within the movie was the 10minute break which wasn't really needed.

A lot of ships were destroyed and I am guessing that the East India Trading Company, while enlarging their territory of influence, will be massing an armada to end all piracy in the Caribbean in the third part. I can hardly wait.

I loved it and so will you, when you're fan of adventure and laid back fun. Just don't take the scenery in all too seriously.


- Adventure/Action - USA 2006
- FSK: ages 12 and up
- Runnig Time: 150 min.
- German publisher: Buena Vista
- in German theaters since: 27.07.2006

feast @ Marché

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