20 August 2006

I fell in love with another movie

I just recently watched Cameron Crowe's ELIZABETHTOWN on DVD and was blow away. This movie is sentimental w/o being kitschy at all. The love story's been molded out of Orlando's character's grief for his dad and even more so out of his grand failure in business. The family on both sides is just hilarious, just like in the real world. What got most tears was the drive back home on the road. The music chosen, the pictures taken, the entire mood just catches you right off the feet and one wishes to be right there.

I didn't get the chance to watch it last year when hit the theatres, so this is a little late for a review, but alas.

I really feel compelled now to actually take the road trip, me and my best friend planned so many years ago and never took, because life got in the way. As one could see, time works in nobody's favor and he more we let go of it, the less chances we have to be with the ones we love, to experience the world and it's treasures. I don't expect a road trip to be life-turning, but it sure has some romantic qualities to it and I'm sure meeting people along the way and visiting places you've never been is what it is all about. Getting their stories and sharing your own. Sometimes it helps to set things into perspective.

Ok, it's getting deep now, just watch the movie!


- Comedy/Drama - USA 2005
- FSK: no restrictions
- Length: 123 min.
- German Publisher: UIP
- German Publish Date: 03.11.2005 / DVD: 02.03.2006

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