23 August 2006

Frequently Asked Questions OR a synonym for the word used most

So, tonight I went out with a bunch of Queens to watch FAQs, the new film from Luster-maker Everett Lewis.

Story: Hustler gets into trouble with supposedly gay bashers and is rescued by a tall, afro-american Drag Queen called Destiny. She gives him somehting to eat and takes him home, but he's to obey some house-rules: 2 hours of nudity each day, for "we" aren't ashamed of our bodies and: always wear a condom.

Watcha gettin': So this all-too typical start for any Hustler-movie out there (streetkid sells his body, is taken in by s.o. -> new life!) is nice only because it's over soon enough. Afterwards the movie's comedy (while I'm not sure if this humor is intentionally or not) is the one thing setting it above the real real awful Sugar. The more it progresses, the more time is spent on kissing or having sex or getting in or out of bed. As finally the white police officer and the gay bashers from the beginning of the movie join the gay community, this piece of motion picture gets incredibly trashy and kitschy.

There are a lot of guns pointed at each and everyone of the characters, but no-one dies, so there's absolutely no drama at all. The problems of the characters seem to be all the same: family is white and christian so they got rid of their faggot kids, and their quick solution is wanting revenge by killing them or blowing them up with home-made bombs (WTF?!) - which they don't do. So in the end, the movie is all but West Hollywood - it's Hollywood, because there's a Happy Ending, with too much gays per square feet. Credibilty = Zero. But hey, it's funny.

So, don't watch it in a theater, borrow the DVD, have some friends over with popcorn and laugh off your asses.


· USA 2005
· Writer/Director: Everett Lewis
· Camera: Gavin Kelly
· Actors: Lance Lee Davis, Tera Green, Adam Larson, Joe Lia...
· Length: 96 min.
· DVD: Code 0, PAL · Color · 16:9 · english w/ german subtitles
· in German theaters since: 10. August 2006
· German Publisher: GMfilms

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