07 Januar 2011

Gilly’s Playground just turned 5!

YES. I am using this blog shamelessly as a way to get into competitions and this entry is no exception! :D


@gillyberlin has a wonderful blog called Gilly’s Playground. He’s maintaining the blog for five consecutive years now and in contrast to myself, he did not stay with blogger, but managed to make the jump to WordPress and an own domain. He wrote up a history of his endeavour and I encourage you to read it.

I’m really honored to be part of the blog’s current header design and the anniversary graphics, which are based on it. :D

Now for the beef. Head over to the big raffle entry “5 Jahre Gilly’s Playground – Das große Geburtstags-Gewinnspiel” and take part in it!

Here’s an overview of what you can get:


That’s some swag!

Aside from this, I wish Gilly a fantastic next 5 years on the block! May the lolcat force be with you!

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