03 Januar 2007

Still Alive.

So, now that the holiday season is finally over and the year has turned (2007 yay!), I hope, that I'll have more time on my hands to be able to write here again.

What happened during my little hiatus from blogworld?

Obviously, Christmas Time was upon us once more and the ever reoccurring madness of gift-shopping took hold of the people. I wasn't much of an exception this year, but to my very own surprise, had had all presents more than one day before Christmas Eve. In the preceding years I was known to always get them last minute.

Gathered under the tree were the typical male-tech-geek gifts, like Wii and iPod (Wii for my dad, the latter for myself) and the notorious bling for the lady of the castle. So we're surfing the web with Wiimote (I'll be writing blog entries from the couch as soon as there's a decent keyboard for Wii) and I'm finally getting my media portable on the iPod. Aside the gifts dad made gorgeous meals accompanied by my very own infamous fruit salad.

On 31st my best friend and his fiancé came back from their honeymoon in Malaysia and we had a 3-hour photo-tour after which we got drunk and greeted the new year with ancient music videos on MTV (ancient = from our teenage years). There are definately much less interesting ways to spend the turn of the years.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Even if it's belated, the first week of 2007 isn't over yet, so these best wishes still matter. I hope you all had a very good time, spending the last days of 2006 and an even better slide into 2007!

Tomorrow I'll be leaving the house the first time since New Years Eve. Hope the world hasn't changed that much. By the way, on Dec. 30th I got the chance to watch the newest Bond incarnation "Casino Royale" and I can only tell you, to go and watch it! It definately brings with it a much more realistic and needed perspective on the franchise and it's better than ever, in my opinion. The stunts are somewhat believable this time, so are the missing gadgets. Even the characters behave like human beings when confronted with situations, which they normally wouldn't be drawn into.

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