23 September 2006

Running Scared

My future husband Paul Walker stars in this action-packed thriller, which hit the box office back in April this year. I missed it on the big screen, so for being a fan of Paul Walker's I had to order the DVD. Yesterday, the beautiful steelbook arrived from amazon. The booklet contains a comic version of the first scene of the movie, which is made in the same style as the end credits, that tell the film's story in a very condensed form. The same sequence was used for and incorporated in the menu of the DVD, which sets the mood for the things to come. There's an audio commentary by director Wayne Kramer, material from a B-roll, interviews with the cast a storyboard-clip, the trailers and a gallery.

The movie itself is shot very fast but still extremely well, the amount of fake blood needed for the opening scene alone would make Tarantino proud. The cuts flow into one another, it seems like a following scene is part of the image of the one ending. For example, the image of one scene spins around 180 degrees and flows out of the frame to reveal the sign of a motel (so the beginning of the new scene), well you'll have to see it for yourself, it's pretty neat.

The movie, while centering around the character of Paul Walker and his family and being chronologically linear, takes a lot of elements from movies like 11:14 or the mother of all episodic movies: Pulp Fiction. There's a chain of events unveiling with a lot of bumps along the way, which have nothing to to with the main plot itself, but add a lot of depth to the dark & corrupt world of the movie, which more frighteningly is just beneath the surface of our every day lives, with "Apartment 303" being the most terrifying scene, even though each other scene has had more blood in it.

There's a guy, who lost a gun, with which a corrupt police officer was killed and he's in search of the boy who took it and the gun itself to not get killed by his gang. There's a boy running from everybody, because he took a hidden gun to shoot his father, who abused him and his mother. There's a Russian who got shot by his son and needs him to tell the police where the gun came from, because he doesn't want to go to jail for brewing drugs in his garage. There's a police officer trying to find the gun, that shot a collegue with whom he tried to rob a gang buying drugs off of Jamaicans.... There are a hundered stand alone stories, which are getting connected through one boy's act of revenge, his running away and the search for him and the gun he used.

It's a gangster story, it's a father-son story, it's blood all over the streets. Very conventional concepts, combined in a fresh and on-the-edge-of-your-seat way. Watch it!

Watch the trailer here. Visit the German website here.


- Action/Thriller - USA 2006
- FSK: ages 16 and up
- Runnig Time: 122 min.
- German publisher: 3L
- German Publish Date: 13.04.2006 / DVD: 31.08.2006

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